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Subir Ghosh is a Bengaluru-based independent journalist-writer-researcher who writes about environment, corruption, crony capitalism, conflict, wildlife, and cinema. He is the author of one book, and has co-authored three with others. He started out his career in sales, before switching over to journalism in October 1991. His first job as a journalist was as a sub-editor with news agency Press Trust of India (PTI) in Kolkata. He joined the Telegraph daily in January 1995, where he developed a keen interest in Northeast affairs and reported extensively from the region, besides writing op-eds about the Northeast. He shifted base to New Delhi in mid-1998, and handled publications and communications for a number of organisations. Subir’s last stint in the mainstream media was with the Bengaluru edition of DNA newspaper.

His latest non-fiction work is Sue the Messenger: How legal harassment by corporates is shackling reportage and undermining democracy in India, published in May 2016. Subir is the lead author of the book, and leading journalist Paranjoy Guha Thakurta its co-author. The two of them had in 2014 co-authored with a colleague the bestseller Gas Wars: Crony Capitalism and the Ambanis. His collection of poems, On the Face of it: Chronicle of a Self-Imposed Exile was published in February 2017.

At present, Subir is a full-time writer and also Contributing Editor with Fibre2Fashion magazine, where he writes mostly about sustainable fashion and policy issues related to the textiles and apparel industry. Besides his writing interests, he works as a political and environmental risk analyst and editorial consultant with both corporates and voluntary organisations. He also occasionally ghost-writes for those who don’t write for a living. » Read more